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"Our Passion... Your Adventure"

Growing up in Zimbabwe and having access to our amazingly diverse wildlife brought about the passion for what we do today.  Leah joined the team when we got married and as a teacher has dedicated her time to helping run and manage the company alongside myself.

Welcome to Ivory Trail Safaris!

Who will you hunt with? Who will be liaising with you from your enquiry to your safari?

From the first enquiry to ultimately your safari, you will be dealing with myself or my wife, Leah. We pride ourselves on a personalized service.

Being a Professional Hunter and transitioning to starting our own business, uniquely qualifies us to providing the first class service we take satisfaction in. We know what we are providing and we are the ones intimately involved.


Our Story

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Hunting is an adventure. It is a collection of experiences and memories over a lifetime that you will never forget. Moments to share with your friends and family, reliving those adventures like they were yesterday.

A great hunter and outdoorsman once said:

“A hunt based only on the trophies taken falls far short of what the ultimate goal should be.” - Fred Bear

Camaraderie with your Professional Hunter, the excitement of tracking dangerous game through the brush, hearing the shrill cry of the ox-pecker as you near your quarry - all of these encompass what we strive to provide;  "OUR PASSION ... YOUR ADVENTURE."

At the end of the day arriving back to camp, one can rest by the pool gin and tonic in hand and watch the day fade away. Not a care in the world as we sit marveling at Africa and how fortunate we are to be here.


Where do we hunt?

Nestled in the South Eastern corner of Zimbabwe is a private conservancy that is home to Zimbabwe's widest variety of wildlife. Tracking amongst black and white rhino, buffalo, elephant, lion, leopard, wild dog and cheetah - experience the thrill of hunting the Big Five on foot.

Your options are limitless on your safari. From the classic tented safari camps throughout the Save Valley, through to the luxurious Sango camp, we will personalize your safari to your needs.


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